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Souvenirs of Movies and Life

Roy Scheider in Jaws 1975 Film

Are you looking for a particular movie photo, a unique Pop Culture collectible, or are you just trying to fill some mysterious void in your life?

Then That's CooL, Sharpee! is the perfect place for you. Based in St. Louis, we specialize in selling CooL Pop Culture and Movie Nostalgia - Souvenirs of Movies and Life.

No Matter What You're Looking For...

Bruce Willis in Die Hard 1988 Film

Our offerings are all original items, some coming directly from the studios, and a number of rare items that you will not find anywhere else.

Whatever your favorite movie is, I'm certain I can acquire unique memorabilia, souvenirs, and collectibles for you. Everything I ship is packaged professionally and securely to preserve and maintain the condition of your purchase.

A True Passion For Movies

Jean Reno in Lรฉon: The Professional 1994 Film

Over the years, we have developed a proficient system that keeps us in stock with the best Hollywood memorabilia. In doing so, we have been able to maintain a high standard of service and wide variety of collectibles only for you.

I am passionate about film and cinema, and I understand the art of selection, offering the best in movie memorabilia and photographs, in every genre within my experience. Acquiring new items is still a thrill for me, just like it was when I'd receive a movie souvenir when I was young. Have a look around today, you won't be disappointed.

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Motion Picture Press Kits, Photos, Posters, Promos, Production Notes, Lobby Cards, 35mm Slides, and Pop Culture Paraphernalia